Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our Lily in the UK

Our Lily exhibits an Emriver at the Towards a Living North
Sea conference in Gateshead, UK.  Photo by Dr. Herman Wanningen.
Little River Research & Design is truly becoming an international force for river conservation.  We have sold eight models outside the US in six different countries.  We're getting inquiries from more countries all the time.

And the day after the GSA annual meeting ended two weeks ago, our Lily flew to Gateshead, United Kingdom, for the Towards a Living North Sea conference.

Academics, professionals and stakeholders gathered at the conference to discuss solutions to fish passages that have been restricted by river engineering and construction in England and other countries that surround the North Sea.

Emriver owners at the Rivers Trust, a UK-based watershed conservation group that helped organize the conference, invited Lily to attend the conference and exhibit their Em2.

At the conference, Lily met the members of the Rivers Trust who use the Em2.  River Watch Manager Dr. Ceri Gibson at the Tyne chapter of the Rivers Trust said so far, it has been a great conversation starter.

A stream conservation project in the Tyne Catchment restricted access to part of a public park.  The Tyne Rivers Trust used their Emriver to explain why.  You'll see in the photo here that they set their Em2 up right next to the real-life stream they were talking about.

Members of the Tyne Rivers Trust set up their Em2 next to a stream in a public park to explain a restoration project there.  Photo by Dr. Ceri Gibson.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Notre premier Emriver en Suisse!

Our first Emriver geomodel in Switzerland!

This week we shipped our first Emriver Em2 to Switzerland.

The geomodel goes to Dr. Sébastien Castelltort at the University of Geneva.

Just last month, Dr. Castelltort was published in Nature Geoscience, for groundbreaking work on tectonics and drainage patterns in New Zealand.

(Edit, link to final publication.)

We're happy about sending our first model to Switzerland, and even more so to such a distinguished scientist.


Notre premier Em2 en Suisse!

Cette semaine nous avons envoyé notre premier modèle Em2 en Suisse à Dr. Sébastien Castelltort à l' Université de Genève.

Pas plus tard que le mois dernier, Dr. Castelltort a été publié dans Nature Geoscience pour un travail révolutionnaire sur les plaques tectoniques qui sculptent la topographie en nouvelle Zélande.

Nous sommes très heureux bien sûr d'avoir envoyé notre premier modèle en Suisse mais quel honneur que de l'avoir dans le laboratoire d'un scientifique si distingué!

Référence :  River drainage patterns in the New Zealand Alps primarily controlled by plate tectonic strain, S. Castelltort, L. Goren, S.D. Willett, J.-D. Champagnac, F. Herman & J. Braun, Nature Geoscience, advance online publication 16 September 2012 . (Edit, link to final publication.)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Up for air at GSA 2012.

LRRD goes to GSA 2012 from Steve Gough on Vimeo.

Years ago I was dumped into big whitewater on the New River, and came up four times for air, getting nothing but foam.

Fifth time up I got air.  Same good feeling I have now about LRRD.

Five years ago I took LRRD from a profitable 1.5-person consulting firm to brick-and-mortar river model building.

My wife Kate insisted.  "Nobody else will do this, the world needs it, you have to."

Terrible economic timing -- summer of 2007.  The market collapsed and many universities got "don't buy anything" orders.

Our five years of struggling for air are over.   This GSA was our best ever. 

This movie is a tribute to my wonderful people at LRRD, my Kate, and supporters and colleagues in the geoscience and education community. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Last day and happy loading, GSA 2012

I'm exhausted, too tired now to do justice to our last two days at GSA. Amazed at our success and thankful for my colleagues, clients, and hundreds of visitors to our booth at GSA.

And happy for the United States of America.  Yesterday was a great victory for democracy, for the middle and lower class, for women, for GLBT folks.   A victory for peace, science, reason, and education.

And small businesses, over corporate greed.

Here you see Little River Research & Design embodying those things, a small business dedicated to science education.

Monday, November 5, 2012

GSA Monday.

Another unbelievable day.  Six of us were barely enough to answer questions and talk to scientists and educators who want to use our models.

A few photos from the rare moments I had time to take them.

Thanks to Brian Romans, Callan Bentley, Ron Schott -- who've been by the booth, and others I'm too tired to remember, who gave us props when we were much less famous, and not sure we'd survive.

And to my amazing LRRD colleagues; Nathan, Alee, Christina, Lily, and Beth.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

GSA 2012 Sunday!

We were swamped with visitors as the exhibits opened today.  At the peak, I counted 34 people in our booth.

We looked great in our new LRRD bowling shirts, and saw lots of old friends, colleagues, and clients.  Dozens of teachers and scientists left contact information.

Thanks to Alee, Nathan, Lily, and Christina, who represented LRRD so well.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

GSA Charlottte, Day One --we're ready!

This morning Christina and I guided our big rental truck into the Charlotte Convention Center and we unloaded.

We now have around two tons of gear arranged in a 20 x 30-foot space.   Hundreds of individual items -- pumps, power supplies, tools, brochures, video monitors.  Backups for everything.

We drove this stuff 600 miles over the last two days.  No other way for us; we can't trust shippers, they break and lose things.

So, after months of planning, and two weeks of packing, today is huge for us.

We've done it, we're ready; the models are full of water, running, and ready for Sunday's GSA open!