Friday, February 26, 2010

LRRD videos get a mention in Science.

A few months ago I contacted Cathy Manduca, who runs an NSF-CCLI funded NAGT professional development project called On the Cutting Edge.  Cathy liked our River Geomorphology Video series and published several of our videos on the project's website.

The site's geomorphology section is here.  Our videos are here.  The site was recently given a SPORE award from AAAS and was featured in an an essay in Science today.

Cathy and her staff chose a still frame from one our videos to illustrate the essay.  Many thanks to Cathy and also SPORE co-awardee John McDaris, who I worked with on technical details. 

Our video project was funded by the US EPA, the Missouri Department of Conservation, and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.  We provide DVDs with 58 of these clips, many of which which were made with our Emriver models, at cost.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

SIUC stream ecology lab at LRRD.

Today Checo Colon-Gaud brought his SIUC advanced stream ecology class to LRRD for a lab.  Checo (holding before and after signs) is an NSF-funded postdoc famously featured in our Em2 video.

I talked about our work and urban stream restoration.  Then the students moved to an Emriver Em2 model, first doing exercises to understand slope and long profile surveys and then a "habitat restoration" project with as-built and post-first-flood long profile surveys. 

All their stone structures failed, but the lesson was well learned--you have to carefully build a constructed channel or the stream will rebuild it for you.

On the big montor Lily Hwang is real-time plotting the long profile survey data.

Here you can see the somewhat dished, way too steep, and very spikey "as built" long profile was smoothed and adjusted after a few minutes of flow.

I really enjoyed meeting this class--a very sharp and, as you can tell, fun loving group.  It's wonderful to see students using our models, learning and having a great time.

Wish I could do this every day.